Mechanical Still Remains The Most Preferred Choice Among Students

Every engineering student has to be wise while making his decision of choosing a core field to specialize in. It’s a crucial decision that makes your way ahead in your career in engineering. Thus, you need to consider all the factors while you try to analyze, which engineering branch would be the best for you. So far the trends are concerned, you will find mechanical as a hot preference, which a large segment of students tends to choose. Considering the last few years’ figures, it can be said that these two have ranked quite well as compared to the other choices available to students.

If you are still unsure whether to choose it as a career or not, you should consider the following details.

Why to Choose Mechanical?

The basis on which a student prefers to pursue a course are future growth prospects, remuneration and scope. Mechanical engineering is one such profession that looks perfect, if measured on all these standards. It is one of the most opted arms of engineering that gets maximum registrations in most of the institutions. One of the significant reasons behind this is its demand in different sectors. A mechanical engineer can never fall short of opportunities as he is welcomed almost everywhere, be it a manufacturing unit, a construction or an IT company. The skill set of a professional specializing in this field, lets him explore the ideal jobs all around the nation.

What Do They Do?

Mechanical engineers are the inventors. They design, analyze and invent. They are responsible for many tasks including analyzing problems, designing tools, engines and other tools & systems. Besides, they also oversee the manufacturing processes in different industries.


As per an international research company, an entry-level professional in this field earns Rs. 300,417 per year in our country. The company found C++, and Solid Works to be the highest paying skills for these professionals. Further, as per the experience and suitability for a position lets a professional in this field, the remuneration goes higher.

Industries You Can Aim For

An individual in this field can fit in numerous sectors. A student after completing engineering with mechanical as a major has to lot to explore. Some of the industries that are suitable for these engineers to get in, are automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy conversion, robotics, environment control, civil, refinery, automation, robotics and what not. For both fresh graduates and experienced one, these industries hold alluring job opportunities.

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