Industrial Mechanical – Airliner FAR Maintenance Facilities Under Stress

Federal Aviation Regulation Certified Repair Stations have been a great business model that has been quite successful over the years. This is because airlines would rather outsource their maintenance to other companies that specialize in certain types of airplanes and certain FARs.

After oil prices hit their peaks a couple of years ago, Jet Fuel was so expensive that airlines were under extreme stress to cut costs, and most of them decided one of the best ways to cut costs was to outsource their maintenance facilities.

This caused the certified repair stations to ramp up quickly and hire as many airframe and power plant mechanics as possible, along with airframe inspection mechanics. You would think with the economic global slowdown that airlines would continue to outsource to all these facilities. And they do, however airlines have also cut out quite a bit of capacity taking airliners and parking them in the deserts.

Why the deserts? Due to the hot dry conditions that make it less corrosive on the aluminum fuselages and wings. But with fewer airplanes in the system, less maintenance is needed.

With the incredible growth of these types of companies, they have also been forced to lay off individual mechanics. Although, as the economy returns we can expect these FAR certified aircraft maintenance facilities to ramp back up to full force.

The temporary slowdown, or slow growth of profits in this sector should not be thought of as the death nail. Just like the entire travel industry, airlines, and auto industry this global slowdown and economic crisis hit every industry. This one included. Please consider all this.

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Contribution of Computer Aided Design & Drafting to Various Industries

CAD drafting is evolving as one of the most advanced technology invention of this fastest and ever growing modern age due to the minimization of design time and for this reason the amount of money it can save on a project. In manufacturing industries, architectural, mechanical and product industries, CAD drafting takes a great role in reducing the design cost, which leads to cost saving for designers, manufacturers and product inventors.

Computer Aided design is closely related to creativity and logical thinking. Now days every product designers, manufacturers and inventors designed their products by using the modern technologies of computer aided drafting & design. AutoCAD is the most popular and common platform for CAD drafting & design services among all other platforms. Due to the emerging growth of CAD, the architects are becoming more sophisticated by lessening their dependency upon excessive paper drawings. This is resulting enough time saving to concentrate on their core activities and business.

CAD is not only important in the field of architecture or mechanical engineering sector, but also very crucial in the area of graphic design, fashion design, toy design, packaging, computer gaming and movies. In most of the above highly sophisticated and fashionable sectors, CAD has been proven its vitality as an integrated part of digitisation with high clarity as well as output. CAD is a true asset for architects who are interested to have a robust career in any domain.

The CAD system capable of making your work more easier and faster by removing the repetitive works, which not only faster the speed of the work, but also mitigate the stress upon the designer to lot extent due to repetitive works. Further more CAD system is the effective way for reducing the errors in design & drawings with high accuracy and quick turn around time. Now days many CAD design & drafting companies are providing complete project management to serve the entire residential and commercial design need of the architects and engineers.

Advantages of CAD

Ages after struggling with the limitations of manual drafting, engineers invented an advanced, cost effective and efficient process of drafting with the help of computer technology which is known as Computer Aided Designing and Drafting (CADD)

• With the invention of CAD, the advantages became multi-folded.
• The overall drawing creation time reduced by a huge margin
• Standards were maintained by advanced CAD software
• Modification and multi copy preparation became easy like a child’s play.
• The issue of safe custody of the designs and data literally vanished.
• Being digital in nature, transfer of the prepared drawing/design became extremely easy through internet.
• Publishing the drawing/design on the web became possible allowing an unlimited number of viewers accessing it at the same time.

Industries greatly using CAD

CAD Drafting has been commonly using in almost all industries. Few of the Industries widely using computer aided design domain as mentioned below:

Architectural Industries
Mechanical Engineering Industries
Civil & Construction Industries
Product industries
Furniture Industries
Industrial plant Design
Water & Sewerage system
Industrial Design
Footwear Design
Apparel & Fashion Design
Ship Building & Many more

The minimization in errors and reducing the repetitive work helps the designers to save their precious time that would have gone into finding the errors and rectifying them. It increases the overall productivity of the designer and the firm lead to enhance the profit.

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